Ligiting the way to your dock!
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Protect your floating swim platform, floating tr-Ampsoline, pier, dock, PWC and swim areas with the Connecticut Electric Aqua Lantern. The Red Aqua Lantern Solar Lighted Buoy is a highly visible, 20” marker buoy by day and illuminates at night. It uses a watertight solar generator during daylight hours to charge 4, 1.2V rechargeable batteries, providing power to 5 super bright LED's (Light Emitting Diodes) by night. The durable construction of the buoy feature LED's that last for 100,000 hours or 20 years and rechargeable batteries that last for 2 years and reach full charge after only 4 hours of direct sun. This highly visible buoy is visible from 1.6 km away and will stay illuminated all night long (up to 20 straight hours). To insure that the buoy's LED's are not lit throughout the day, a built in photocell turns the buoy's lights on at night and off during the day. The buoy also features a unique "Bell Shape" design that keeps the buoy vertical in water. All Aqua Lanterns include Batteries, D Ring Pad, Spanner Wrench and Solar Lid Navigate the lake safely at night while adding a decorative tough to the lake with Connecticut Electric's Aqua Buoy.

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